About Us

Glenbrae is a high quality clothing brand with a phenomenal reputation within the UK textile industry.

All Glenbrae products are designed and manufactured in England by Spectrum Yarns based in the village of Slaithwaite near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire – a town recognised as a centre of textile excellence.

All Glenbrae’s knitwear including jumpers, sweaters, pullovers and slipovers is made from lambswool or merino wool with most going through nearly 30 different processes - including hand stitching - to manufacture the perfect garment every time.


The Glenbrae range is made with our unique Spirol elastomeric yarn to help keep its shape, meaning it stretches as you move in harmony with your body so will never go baggy or fluff up.

Our lambswool and merino wool is ultra-comfortable yet hard-wearing, naturally regulating the body temperature, filtering UV rays and removing perspiration and moisture from the body.

This unbeatable quality and flexibility is why 90 of the top 100 golf clubs in the UK stock Glenbrae jumpers, slipovers, zip necks and other garments.

Glenbrae knitwear is designed to last for years and is a natural product that’s sustainable and recyclable.

It can also go in the washing machine and tumble dryer so to find out more about this click here.

All our Glenbrae wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand as the climate there is perfect for the softest, most luxurious wool. The harsh climate in the UK means the wool from British sheep is rougher so ideal for hardwearing products such as carpets.

All our lambswool comes from the first time a merino sheep is sheared at around 7 months old which is why it’s extra soft.


We only select the finest yet strongest fibres from older Merino sheep to give them extra strength, durability and sustainability.

Spectrum Yarns’ other main trade name is Stylecraft which features a huge range of yarns for people who love to knit and crochet and has its own website at www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk. Stylecraft also sells in 900 retail outlets nationwide.